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Von Bryant was born December 17th 1946
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Von Bryant is a main character and the secondary antagonist on the Starz original crime drama BMF. He is portrayed by Steve Harris.

Detective Bryant is a 20-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department, who has a longstanding relationship with Big Meech. When Detective Bryant gets assigned to the Down River Area Narcotics Operation – a county-wide assault team on all local drug operations – he is put in direct conflict with Demetrius. Bryant will be forced to choose between his career and his loyalty.


Working with Meech[]

After his baseball game, Detective Bryant is approached by Meech, who asks a favor of him. He's looking to start his own "game" at the Ecorse Rec Center. The only problem is that there isn't any "shelter on the field," and he would like for Bryant to take care of the "umpire," that being Ms. Griffin, who has been hassling Meech's crew. As agreed, Detective Bryant pulls Ms. Griffin over under the claim that she was speeding. He then shows her a small bag of coke that he allegedly confiscated from her son, who's a senior at Saint Martin de Porres. A possession charged would stop any decent college from accepting him. However, Detective Bryant is willing to make a deal. All he needs from her is to leave the rec center alone. In return, he'll leave her son alone.[1]

Terry's shooting[]


Detectives Bryant tells Meech that he'll be reporting the shooting as an attempted carjacking

Detectives Bryant and Lopez rush down to Downriver Memorial Hospital after learning that Terry was shot. Lopez draws his firearm on Meech after seeing him armed with a submachine gun. Before the situation can escalate, Bryant intervenes and escorts Meech to Terry, telling him that he'll be reporting the shooting as an attempted carjacking. Later, after rumors begin to spread that Jay Mo put a hit out on Terry, Bryant picks him up and delivers him to Meech, under the impression that Meech is simply going to interrogate him.[2]


Detectives Bryant and Lopez question Terry

Detectives Bryant and Lopez arrive at the Flenory house to follow up on Terry's shooting, but he insists that he doesn't remember anything. When their questioning becomes too accusative, Lucille asks them to leave. Lopez confronts Bryant for possibly protecting the Flenorys, which he doesn't take well and warns Lopez to never accuse him of anything, or else he's going to beat Lopez like he stole something. Down at the precinct, after learning that Jay Mo is missing, Bryant and Lopez meet Commander Marceline Beckwith, the new division head who is leading a new task force. With this, Detective Bryant pulls up on Meech and Terry to ask about Jay Mo's whereabouts and warn the boys that there's a new drug task force being formed.[3]

Searching for Jay Mo[]


Bryant indentifies Jay Mo

Ecorse PD have a briefing to discuss the war between the 50 Boyz and 12th Street Boys. Lopez points out that Filmel and Jay Mo are still missing, the latter possibly killed by Meech, but Bryant argues that he could simply be off on a binder with his girl. Commander Mars instructs Bryant and Lopez to investigate both scenarios, but their primary objective is finding Jay Mo and Filmel. Not long after, Bryant heads down to the harbor after getting a call about a body floating in the water. When the body floats to the surfaces, Bryant identifies him as Jay Mo. After Meech's refusal to see him at the church, Meech stops by Bryant's house. He accuses Meech of killing Jay Mo, but Meech claims that he did no such thing. Bryant isn't convinced and warns him that Commander Mars is going after everybody in the Downriver area. For the inconvenience, Meech has upped Bryant's payment, but he insists their partnership is over.[4]


Bryant learns of Jay Mo's missing ear ring

Detectives Bryant and Lopez interview a witness who claims he saw someone put Jay Mo into the back of a car. Lopez shows Mr. May a line-up, but he doesn't identify anyone. On his way out, Mr. May gives Bryant a suspecting look. Lopez then returns with autopsy report, which confirms Jay Mo died from a single gunshot, but Lopez also reveals that Jay Mo has two pierced ears and that they only found a single diamond stud, meaning his killer could have possibly stolen the other. Bryant searches his car for Jay Mo's missing ear ring, which he finds, but is startled by Lopez, who questions what he's doing. Bryant claims that he's simply looking for his house keys.

Bryant meets with Pat, who's hoping that Bryant would be willing to work for him, which Bryant declines. He also warns Pat that the next time their paths cross, it won't be as peaceful. Bryant then meets up with Lopez to visit Mr. May after he called, claiming that he remembered something else about the guy he saw put Jay Mo in a car, but when they arrive, they learn that Mr. May left town. Realizing this was Meech's doing, Bryant meets with him at a gas station, where they discuss Mr. Mays and how their partnership is no more, as Bryant returns Meech's money and pulls off, unaware that he is being surveyed by Lopez.[5]

Lopez's death[]


Bryant and Lopez at the station

Detectives Bryant and Lopez question Nicole after she and a friend were attacked, the latter being killed. They suspect this is a result of Meech and Terry's drug business, but Nicole maintains her stance that she doesn't know anything. Later, while Bryant is in the store, Lopez chases after some dealers, which results in him getting severely hurt. Bryant finds his partner unconscious on the ground with blood coming from the back of his head. Lopez is taken to Downriver Memorial Hospital, where he is pronounced dead. Commander Beckwith tells Bryant that he needs to head back to the station for a debrief and informs him that Lopez discovered he has some type of relationship with Meech. The Commander threatens to wash him out to dry should she discovers that Bryant is dirty. Afterward, he meets with Meech, who claims to have no knowledge of his partner's death.[6]


Bryant arrests Meech

Detective Bryant and DRANO agents arrest Meech as well as the entire 50 Boyz crew for questioning in regard to his partner's death, but when they all claim not to know anything, they are released. However, Commander Beckwith intends to maintain the pressure and keep the area on lockdown until one of them comes forward. And with Beckwith unsure exactly whose side Bryant is on, she's keeping him on desk duty. Although, once he's back in the field, Bryant arrests B-Mickie and recovers his gun, the same weapon used in both Jay Mo and Kato's murder. However, Bryant is willing to make B-Mickie a deal. The gun could disappear, so long as B-Mickie is willing to flip on Meech.[7]

Associated Murders

Tuan Andreas: Shot to death to save Jin.

Tyson Andreas: Beaten to death


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