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B mickie was born march 16th 1968

B-Mickie is of taking orders from the Flenorespecially when he knows he could do better, and this causes a constant source of friction, all the while developing a new bond with fellow crew member Kato, who unbeknownst to many, was working with Lamar until both he and Kato were killed by Meech and B-Mickie respectively. ( The real B-Mickie interview: )


Pursuing Kato[]

After watching Meech accost Kato for cutting down on their prices, B-Mickie comes to her defense and agrees that the streets no longer buying their $50 bags. And so, he, Meech, and Terry cook up a new batch and hit it with a new stamp to give to Pumpkin, the biggest flophouse in Ecorse, and she can spread the word.[1]


B-Mickie and Kato at the stash house

In the aftermath of Terry's shooting, B-Mickie and Kato head over to the stash house, where B-Mickie flirts with Kato, who tells him that word on the street is that Jay Mo put the hit out on Terry. With B-Mick in the other room, Kato is tackled to the ground by a homeless man, causing the dope in her hand to fly everywhere, costing them approximately six thousand dollars worth. Once Meech arrives, B-Mickie informs of the attack on Kato and the rumors of Jay Mo putting out a hit. Shortly after B-Mickie convenes with Meech, Detective Bryant pulls up with Jay Mo restrained in the back. Meech pulls him out the car and confronts him for shooting Terry, however, Jay Mo insists that he had nothing to do with the shooting, even going as far as begging for his life. When Meech becomes reluctant to pull the trigger, B-Mickie kills Jay Mo with a single bullet to the head, causing some tension between him and Meech. After disposing of Jay Mo, B-Mickie returns home to find Kato dancing in the basement. He continues to flirt with Kato, who tells him that it's never going to happen, as she's the one female in a crew of men.[2]

Growing tension with Meech[]


B-Mickie serving from the truck

In an attempt to increase profit, B-Mickie and Kato post up outside the plant to sell to the workers, but they are having a difficult time doing so, especially with the plant security accusing them of prostituting. He threatens to call the police should he see them on the corner again. Fortunately, Meech devises a plan that allows them to get by unnoticed, making a deal with one of the lunch truck workers, allowing the 50 Boyz to deal from his truck in exchange for paying his permit. Kato notices some tension between Meech and B-Mickie, but he assures her that any issues between himself and Meech are superficial. They may fight and curse at each other, but they're always family.[3]

B-Mickie is confronted by Meech after learning that Lamar got them for everything. Meech blames B-Mickie for not being around to secure the stash house, but he was otherwise occupied with his mom. This leads to Meech punching B-Mickie, forcing Terry and Hoop to intervene and prevent the situation from escalating. B-Mickie decides to head home, where he receives a visit from Kato, and the two of them have sex.[4]


B-Mickie finds a note at Kato's

B-Mickie and Kato are having sex when Terry arrives unexpectedly, forcing Kato to hide. Terry gives him a brick with the promise of showing him love on the price and asks B-Mickie's help with cooking up two more bricks. The next day, Kato asks B-Mickie about his gun, the same one she always sees him with. He explains that it saved his mother from an abusive relationship, watched over him countless nights, crossing enemy territory, and sealed countless deals. To him, it's more than a gun, it's family. Kato then prepares to leave, and B-Mickie volunteers to join her. He then notices her postcard of the Renaissance Center, which she explains is the symbol of Detroit and offers to take him there for dinner.


B-Mickie confronts Meech and Terry

B-Mickie is tired of being left in the dark. Meech and Terry bought a record store, and he didn't know anything about it, but Meech reminds Mickie that he was MIA and that they needed a spot to post up in. Furthermore, Meech tells B-Mickie that while he's his boy for life, the structure of their crew will never change. He is then confronted by Kato for standing her up on their date. When she asks why, he shows her the note from her house that says "Quit ducking. We need to talk." B-Mickie is under the impression that she's hooking up with someone else, but Kato reveals that her ex keeps hitting her up about drug money, and she's been avoiding him. B-Mickie is relieved and tells Kato that as long as she's with him, she has nothing to worry about. He then tells her that he's been considering leaving Meech and Terry to work for himself. Kato replies that she's with him 100% before kissing B-Mickie.[5]

Learning the truth about Kato[]

B-Mickie is upset that Meech and Terry went outside the family to settle their issues with Lamar, who went after Nicole, who is like a sister to him. Meech still has an address where they might be able to find Lamar, but he first tells B-Mickie to end his relationship with Kato. Afterward, the two of them break into Lamar's cousin house, armed with pistols equipped with silencers. B-Mickie nearly kills a kid sitting in a chair but Meech fortunately stops him, just barely saving the kid. (The Real Kato )


B-Mickie learns the truth about Kato

Kato shows up at B-Mickie's in tears, explaining that she killed a cop. She grabs a bag to flee, but B-Mickie assures her that everything is going to be okay. They then proceed to have sex. Afterward, B-Mickie heads to the gas station to grab more papers. However, as he returns, he catches Lamar leaving his house. Once the coast is clear, he heads home and confronts Kato at gunpoint. She reveals that she's been working for Lamar. He and her dad used to run together. After he died, Kato found herself in a jam. Lamar took care of the body and ate the charge. B-Mickie accuses Kato of playing him. In the beginning, it was for Lamar, but she insists that her feelings for B-Mickie and the 50 Boyz are genuine. Kato convinces him to put down the gun and asks for his help in killing Lamar.[6]

Killing Kato[]


B-Mickie tells Meech about Kato

While attempting to follow Lamar, B-Mickie is pulled over and detained for questioning regarding the death of Detective Lopez, as is the rest of the crew. After they're released, B-Mickie and Kato discuss their next move, ultimately deciding to kill Lamar when he comes for Meech, who B-Mickie leaves to meet up with. Meech asks him if Kato is trustworthy. B-Mickie initially claims that she's loyal but then reveals that she has been working with Lamar, which Meech is already aware of and was simply testing B-Mickie's loyalty. B-Mickie reveals that Kato came to him with plans to double-cross Lamar and kill him at the repair ship on High Street.


B-Mickie in interrogation

B-Mickie and Meech are waiting for Lamar when he arrives. Lamar holds a gun to Kato's head, but that doesn't stop Meech from opening fire. Kato runs off, and B-Mickie chases after her. Kato tells B-Mickie that she loves him, but he pulls the trigger, shooting her once in the chest and again in the head. Afterward, B-Mickie mourns Kato's death, which he partially blames Meech for, as Kato was the first girl that he loved. B-Mickie continues to mourn Kato, reminiscing about their time together, when he is pulled over by Detective Bryant, who has recovered B-Mick's gun, the same weapon used in both Jay Mo and Kato's murder. However, Bryant is willing to make B-Mickie a deal. The gun could disappear, so long as B-Mickie is willing to flip on Meech.[7]

season 2 Due to Terry leaving bmf (black mafia family) bmickie is now meeches number 2 and right hand man , bmickie, sockie ,hoop ,and dink are jamming in the record store but gets interrupted by 12th street as they walk in and Nedo insults dink which leads to a fight between the two and bmickie in tiny holding each other at gun point until meech walks in and breaks it up to inform them that he called a meeting to the store

later on that evening bmickie and dink are moving money from the stash house then proceed to get chased by detective Bryant (who still has bmickies gun he used to kill jmo and Kato )and Veronica Jin Bryant’s new partner and they proceed to hit dink with the car and take the cash and arrest dink but bmickie escaped

detective Bryant breaks in too bmickies house ,only for bmickie to come in his house with Bryant sitting in a chair basically asking him why has he been ducking him and Bryant reminds him that he still has his gun and can hang him on a double Homicide at any time and he needs some info on meech

Finding out that Kato was pregnant

bmickie and Bryant take a ride to a place that seems to be a morgue but Bryant tells bmickie that he’s a daddy and shows him a ultra sound in bmickie vomits realizing that he killed his unborn child and Bryant tells him to let meech know that he has a new plug with medical grade cocaine and he will handle the rest following that scene meech and bmickie track down Travis a dealer that k9 has ordered them to track down and bring to him Alive ,bmickie throws a Molotov cocktail in Travis car only for him to come outside and start shooting and bmickie breaks entry and shoots Travis in the head and due to him and meech not following instructions the two didn’t get there re-up and meech asks bmickie to set up a meet with the medical grade plug ,

meech gets shot

meech , Terry ,Roland ,and bmickie meet up at Coneys before the alleged meet up but know one besides bmickie knows that Bryant and Jin are camping out across the street the four exchange words and prepare to ride off but bmickie has seconds thoughts and goes to the pay phone to kill time only for Lamar to pull up in a Jeep in shoots meech 3 times from the car and pulls off and bmickie and Terry goes to meech and pull him out the car to find out he was shot

fast forward a few episodes,everything is catching up to bmickie his mother is dying and it’s even gotten to the point where’s he’s having nightmares about Kato and their unborn child only to be woken up by a knock on the door from meech the two get into a minor argument and meech leaves fast forward that evening Bryant is preparing bmickie for the big sting but the two are interrupted by Veronica Jin who never knew bmickie was Bryant’s criminal informant and she gives him her card

The big sting

Bryant gives bmickie two keys of coke from the evidence room and sets a wiretap up in a hat so him and Jin can listen outside in the car while bmickie meets meech in the record store ,bmickie walks in with the two keys and meech instantly notices something’s off because bmickie doesn’t wear hats but he disregards it and lets bmickie know that the crew expanded again and that he bought burriel plots for Kato and his mom and how much he loves him and that he is giving him his own territory and bmickie begins to cry and reminisc about there childhood and has second thoughts and takes the hat off and reveals too meech that he was wired and gave meech a signal that lets him know that Bryant and gin are outside in the meech takes the two keys and bmickie drops the hat and follows him out, Bryant and Jin notice that something’s off and rush into the record store to only find out that the two were gone and they took the drugs .

now that bmickie knows he messed up really bad he now has to leave town and he go sees his mom and lets her know that he left money with the nurse and has to go ,only for him to get outside and be captured and thrown in the trunk by detective Bryant .

bmickie wakes up and realizes that he is in the trunk and Bryant taunts him asking him where is his two keys and that if he doesn’t let him know something he is going to hang him on the murders of Kato jmo and baby bmickie and closes the trunk and also lets his him know that he is transferring his mom back to the terrible facility

fast forward that night bmickie breaks out the trunk and finds out that the hospital has been paging him and he rushes to the hospital only to find out that she died a few days prior and he breaks down in tears and the episode ends

breaking into Bryant’s house

meech and bmickie meet up only for meech to aggressively scold him about him being missing But bmickie tells meech that he’s going to kill Bryant because he transferred his mother over to the shitty faculty and threw him in the trunk all because he wouldn’t flip on him and now she’s dead and also that Bryant has his gun that bmickie used on jmo and Kato ,bmickie breaks into the Bryant’s house to get the gun but is interrupted because Bryant’s son Kevin is there so he locks him in the closet and soon as he gets to the lock box Bryant walks in and bmickie flees outside and breaks down in the car because he didn’t get the gun and he is now screwed and meech reminds him that there brothers and he gots him forever


the whole gang and the pa boys take a trip down Atlanta but there’s secret anomousity meanwhile while there all at a event terry is in the car talking too a hit man paying him to kill bmickie later on that night at magic

fast forward to magic city bmickie notices some funny vibes and sees terry talking to the hit man , after the gangs leaves out the club the hit man fires at bmickie and misses and the gang that they early in the episode have a dispute and fires too and ends up killing Ty Washington , bmickie and terry are having a conversation on the roof top and it’s get heated and bmickies holds terry at gun point because terry tried to set him up then meech walks up in puts a gun to bmickies head telling him to put his gun down but is reluctant too kill him and basically says that he’s not losing another brother and that there going to go after the person trying to tear there family apart (Bryant )

season finale a flashback is shown of a young meech ,young terry ,and young bmickie running to catch the street lights ,to running from the cops ,too chasing and beating down people that owed them and cut forward the whole gang pulls up to the car wash to find out that it’s a crime scene only to find out that meeches baby mother monique dead .

meech brings back the witness that saw detective Bryant throwing jmo into the car the night of his murder and calls Bryant down to meet him at bail isle alone only too blackmail him to get him to give bmickie back his gun or have leander (the witness ) go to his commander and chief considering that Bryant was the last one that saw jmo alive and now Bryant’s back is against the wall and he leaves basically agreeing .

things are looking up for bmickie, Bryant goes home to get the gun for bmickie to only find out that it’s missing unbeknownst to him his son Kevin took it out the safe and used it to kill his bully Marcus Bryant gets the call and flees the to the scene to find Kevin crying and Marcuses dead body on the court and Kevin gets arrested ,now the police have the gun and are charging Kevin on 3 counts of murder for jmo , Kato ,and Marcus .

Veronica Jin goes to bmickies house to to try to convince him to confess and that they have the gun and he slams the door in her face unbeknownst to him sterling was watching from across the street and from his point of view it look like bmickie was snitching

meech disowns bmickie

meech has a going away party but didn’t invite bmickie but bmickie shows up anyway only for meech to tell him that he’s not apart of bmf anymore and that he can’t trust him because sterling saw him talking to detective jin and that he is dead to him and that their friendship is over

Associated murders[]

  • Jay Mo — Shot in the head for supposedly shooting Terry.
  • Kato — Shot in the head and chest for working with Lamar.
  • Travis- Shot in the back of the head by accident


Season 1[]

Season 2[]